Think you know all about logos, branding and identities? Think again...

Do you know what a ‘brand identity’ is? If you answered ‘a logo’, then you’re only part of the way there. A logo is only a very small part of what a brand identity is all about. A brand isn’t just the ‘cherry on top’ to make your idea complete, it is a key part of the business itself.

It is a point of recognition for returning and potential customers, something they can relate to and understand and, most importantly, something they will instantly associate with a product or service they want or need.

And, whilst the logo is important, it is only useful if it is backed up by a consistent tone of voice, instantly recognisable colour palette – and if it’s used in the right way every time.


Take M&S. They have a brand identity that instantly inspires their customers. You remember their colours, their voice, their products and services… and that’s before you even see their logo! They have become synonymous with quality – and that’s what you need to aspire to as well.

You can see the flipside of this every week in the local papers. Look for yourself – open any paper and you will see some ads created with a ‘brand’ in mind and others that have been cobbled together, with little regard for the brand they’re representing.

And, if no thought has been put into a brand, you have to ask yourself, what will potential customers think if they see your name next to something that has been so crudely slapped together?


Will it instil a customer with confidence? Will that customer pick up the phone? Would you? If you choose a ‘cheap’ approach to your brand identity, do you think it makes people think you’re going to give them a quality service?

A brand identity might seem like a little thing, but it can make all the difference.

And, once you have the solid foundation of a good identity in place, your business will be in a very strong position for many years to come. Consider it a long-term investment which will stand you in good stead for the foreseeable future.


At STORM we know how to make identities work – how to target them at specific audiences and how to use them to get your business to the next level.

How do we make it work? Well, we start by understanding what you need. We will sit down with you, talk about your company, your customers and your plans for taking your business forward. We need to understand your business, get a feeling for your services or products and most of all understand what it is that you want your brand to say about the company.

We do all this so we can expertly tailor your new image, instantly inspiring your customers and ensuring your message is always clear and always on target.

Your identity package culminates with us handing you a full ‘Identity Guidelines’ pack, crammed with everything you need to ensure your brand looks its best, whenever and wherever it’s used. This pack includes full colour, mono and greyscale logos for use with printers and designers, jpeg files for use with internal programs such as Word and Publisher and finally, design files of your letterhead and other base stationery.

Whether it is a completely new brand, or simply a tweak to refresh an existing one, we know how to develop a great identity to help make your business a success.

Remember, your brand is your business – make it work that little bit harder.